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Michele Garman is an expert in the art of spray tanning. Having spent the last 5 years doing spray tans on a full time basis,  she has put in much time in perfecting her application, technique and in learning the chemistry between the solution and the human body.

Michele’s experience of being spray tanned for the first time in her life was what inspired her to want to master the art. “I was so surprised on how a little color on my skin gave me so much confidence, I felt pretty, I felt new, I felt like I could be naked without feeling naked.  The best way I can describe a spray tan to someone who has never had one is: it’s like makeup all over your body,  I like to say that a spray tan covers a multitude of sins… I looked younger, thinner and healthier.”    Michele has now completed hundreds of tanning sessions, and has gained a following of many discerning clients, who expect and require the best.   With a passion for perfection, Michele has developed the skills and knowledge to make every spray tan the best it can be.   Michele’s spray tans are innovative, fun and performed with what she believes are the safest, highest quality, spray tan products and equipment used in the industry today.

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